What to do with samples from Sephora

So beauty samples are awesome, but they are also the biggest waste of time.  They are tiny and never enough.  As they start to accumulate, they turn into junk and eventually end up in the trash.  Here's how I turned these tiny casualties into your new favorite full sized product.

If you've ever stepped foot into Sephora, you've probably left with a few moisturizer samples.  I thought to myself, why not mix them all together??  And that's exactly what I did.  I rounded up all of my face moisturizer samples and emptied them into a full size pot (any type of container is fine).  The samples didn't fill the pot up all the way, so I just added some of my everyday Neutrogena moisturizer to top it off.  Give it a little mix and voila!  

You can also do the same with your primer samples.  In addition to combining the tiny samples, I decided to cut open a few of my old primer tubes and scraped out the leftovers - try it!  Surprisingly, there's a TON of product left in those "empty" tubes: