Anyone else buy art supplies on Amazon? 🙋🏾

Have you noticed the rise in the cost of art supplies? Oh, I have, and it's gone up quite a bit.  Every once in a while, I will go to my local art supply store, just to see what’s out there, but I rarely buy anything because it's so expensive. I have no shame in being as scrappy as possible when it comes to obtaining art supplies - found objects and materials are awesome resources.  But lately, I have been using Amazon as my go-to resource for art supplies, so I wanted to share my top bargain-deal art supply essentials:


Canson Mixed Media paper - $13.49 for the big size (9"x 12"): I go through these pads so quickly and they are $20+ at my local art store.  


Round tip watercolor brushes - less than $10 for 9 brushes!


Acrylic paint set - $18.07 for 18 colors (let's all do the math, basically $1/color).  The bottles are on the small side, but the matte finish is great for mixing with water to feel like watercolor, so you can really spread out the color.


DecoColor Paint Markers - This box set is amazing!  Anything I can find in bulk is a steal! I used to hate being these pens one at a time and then they run out..then you have to go back to the art store to get another one...ugh...anyway, this 12-pack of markers is a lifesaver!

8oz clear plastic jars - So, I hate paint tubes.  I recently transferred all of my acrylic paint into these plastic screw-top jars.  They are amazing! 

Paint Brushes - This 20-pack of assorted paint brushes is just under $12!  Let's be honest, the brushes are not fine art quality, but they are perfect if you are wanting a bristly texture or to cover large areas/gesso-ing.  Really the perfect brush to have to have around the house in general, as they are vey helpful for touchups and staining.