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Skin Series

I’m really excited to share with you my latest portrait series: Skin. If you are familiar with my more recent work, you’ll notice my exploration of black female faces, in more minimalist form. This time around, I’m digging into to more fluid facial features and expressions.

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Mute On

I’ve been exploring this muted color palette in my art for a couple of years now. I ended up gravitating toward these softer, earthier tones, I think because of my love for nature. I remember going on many

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Exhibit at The Riveter

August 1st, 2018 marks the opening of The Riveter Marina del Rey, the second of two (female-built) community and coworking spaces in the Los Angeles area.  Their locations are growing quickly throughout the US (they're already in Seattle and West Los Angeles) and I'm thrilled

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Evolution of the "Blob"

I've been really taking some time to develop some new ideas and fine tune the direction I'm going with my art. I often struggle with feeling like

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